About Us

A few words about us

Grace Elderly Care Home was opened 10 years ago with the owner’s grandparents in mind. It was meant to be a new home where its elderly residents could be comfortable and well taken care of in their golden years.

In that respect, Grace Elderly Care Home has succeeded, providing a comfortable home environment that is stimulating for the active senior, with all of the assistance necessary to help those who require extra accommodation.

The owners Lucian & Crina Roman (administrator) oversee the day-to-day operation of Grace Elderly Care home, and are always there to see that the needs of the residents are taken care of; just like family.

How We Work


“We are a family.” That is the sentiment expressed by all who are involved with Grace Elderly Care Home; residents, their families, staff, and the owners.


“Our residents come here to stay, and become part of our family,” the owners said. And that is exactly how the residents and staff of Grace Elderly Care feel about each other.


We do care for our patients, assist them in their needs, and make them feel like home.


Our caregivers provide personal care, nutrition, companionship and other support services in a way that helps the elders in our home feel like a family.


We are always here assisting our caregivers to make sure all the needs are fulfilled. Crina is a Certified Nurse Assistant who is there available 24/7.

A Few of the services we provide

Our facility provides the following services based on each patient’s individual needs:

  • assistance with feeding, dressing, moving, bathing or other personal needs or maintenance
  • assistance with medication, supervision of self-medication, or administration of medication
  • general supervision or oversight of the physical and mental well being of a person who needs assistance to maintain a private and independent residence in an ALF
  • food services: three nutritious meals daily and between meals nourishment or snack, special diets if required or prescribed by a doctor
  • laundry services for personal items
  • cleaning of the client’s/resident’s room g. provides transportation to medical or dental appointments
  • a planned activity program including arrangements for utilization of available community resources
  • CNA available 24/7 in the facility
  • we take care of the House Call Doctors when needed, scheduling appointments
  • and many more…
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